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Modular Apartment Building


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I have now reached one hundred supporters on this project! As of right now, this is the highest that any of my projects have gotten. Thank you to all who have supported this project so far!


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Hurray! This project has reached 50 supporters! Thank you all for your support!


Additional Pictures

When I posted this project, I included several images of the different views and features of the apartment building. Since then it seems that they were deleted in some technical error. As such, I have included these images here. Please note that the top of each wall has smooth plates. This will make it easier to lift the floors off of each other. However, I had to delete the regular plates with studs in order to separate the floors in LDD. Wherever there is a missing piece on a wall, there should be a regular plate. I have also included an image showing the apartment building connected to the other Modular Buildings. This is just to show how they would look when connected. These other buildings will not be included in this set. 

Rear view:

Decorative features:

Front close-up:

Rear close-up:

First floor - areal view:

First Floor - lobby area

First Floor - Front Desk:

Second Floor - Areal View:

Second Floor - Exterior View:

Second Floor - Beds

Second Floor - Curtains:

Second Floor - Rear Windows:

Second Floor - Table:

Third Floor - Areal View:

Third Floor - Armchair:

Third Floor - Desk, Hatstand, Safe:

Third Floor - TV and Bookshelf, Rear windows:

Third Floor - Bedroom:

Third Floor: TV

Third Floor - Curtains:

Street View:

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