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Modular Apartment Building


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Every city needs a place for its citizens to live. Some live in family houses, but others may choose to live in an apartment building like this one. Now, the people of Lego City can live in their own apartment as well! This building is designed to go with the other Modular Buildings, and has axel connectors on its base as the other buildings do.

This apartment building has three floors and two apartments. The first floor is the foyer with couches and a front desk. This is where many of the artistic features can be found, such as a grandfather clock, candelabras, and a gold plated window. The second and third floors are both living areas. They include beds, desks, a safe, windows with curtains, and other interesting features.

Please support and share this project with your friends. I built this in one day in Lego Digital Designer. Hopefully, I will have similar speed reaching 10,000 supporters. If necessary, I will post updates periodically. If you have any pertinent questions, I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner.

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