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LEGO CITY: Front Loader Garbage Truck


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LEGO CiTY: Front Loader Garbage Truck

This little project is my proposal for a CiTY theme front loader with dumpster - a great addition to any city collection!

My goal was to create something aesthetically similar to the current line up of CiTY vehicles, but packed with as many functions and details as possible... while maintaining a realistic part count. Construction techniques include standard stud on top mixed with studs not on top (S.N.O.T.). Parts include a mix of standard, sloped, solid, transparent, technic axles and connectors, and notch hinges... 

Details include:

  • 4 axles, 8 wheels
  • Detailed cab with speedometer, coffee mug, loader control lever
  • Manually operated loader mechanism with steering wheel control for forks and tilt
  • Opening top hatch for garbage entry
  • Opening rear for garbage dumping
  • Tilting garbage hold with friction ram
  • Fuel and hydraulic tanks
  • Lots of realistic little details like hazard lights, front and rear lights, warning bar
  • Dumpster with castors and opening lid
  • Driver
  • Rat
  • Broom

Part count:

  • Truck and driver: 362pcs
  • Dumpster: 45 pcs
  • Total: 407 pics


  • Truck: 32 studs long (with forks folded) x 6 studs wide x 8 blocks tall
  • Dumpster: 6 studs long x 6 studs wide x 4 blocks tall

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