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The Humanoid

This is TOD.

TOD is a humanoid created with LEGO Technic, my idea is to create a robot with the body and movements as similar as possible to a human, as you already know, I love LEGO Technic and I wanted to do as much as possible within my possibilities, but the main challenge was to maintain the proportions considering that I needed three Mindstorm EV3 bricks to be able to control their movements, since each EV3 brick can control up to 4 motors and only the legs already need 4 motors, two more for the hip or upper part of the legs, one for the clavicle and two more for the arms, one for each arm and in this case I used the motors of the old NXT. In total 9 engines.

In order to control all of this from a single Mindstorm EV3 brick, I had to connect in Daisy-Chain mode and thus use a single program for everything.

Having used three EV3s and providing like this, has resulted in a very large robot weighing 3.5 kg and more than 60 cm high, now the challenge was for it to stand up by itself and be able to do some movements without need for help, the structure had to be compensated well and the rest to be done with the EV3 programming and very defined and tight movements.

I detail the main characteristics:

High: 64 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg

3 EV3 Programmer bricks - 95646

4 Servo motorbike EV3 (legs) - 95658
2 NXT motors (arms) - 53787
3 EV3 medium motors (hips and shoulders) - 99455
1 EV3 color sensor - 95650
1 EV3 ultrasonic sensor - 95652
8 linear actuator (legs) - 61927
The connection diagram is in the next photos.

This is the presentation video where you can meet TOD, he loves to dance ...

I hope you like it and that you can enjoy a fun creation with LEGO and especially with LEGO Technic and I also wish I could get a smile on your faces.

If you like it, don't forget to support me, TOD will be very happy and will want to learn to do more things and I will be very grateful.

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