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Historic 14-Bis

What is it?
This set is a recreation of the 14-Bis airplane, the very first heavier-than-air aircraft to take lift without the help of any launching device, ramp or decline; it could lift up into the air all on its own! It was also the first heavier-than-air vehicle to be witnessed flying by a crowd rather than be restricted to private testings.
The 14-Bis was designed, built and manned by Alberto Santos-Dumont, a brazilian living in Paris.

He used a Antoinette 8V engine to power the aircraft; both the engine and the man himself were recreated here as well, as seen in the pictures. Sadly this important and historic aircraft has faded into obscurity, with only brazilians and the french knowing about it. This Lego set aims to bring more attention to it on top of being an amazing model for collectors or to display at your house.

Fun Facts about the 14-Bis
  • The 14-Bis is powered by the Antoinette 8V, a motor with 8 cylinders - feel free to count them in the lego recreation!
  • The 14-Bis flies backwards compared to other aircraft - it flies in the same direction as its "tail", rather than away from it, and the propeler is on the back and not the front.
  • The 14-Bis is widely popular in Brazil and is regarded as a national symbol.

Every Vote Counts!
Thank you a lot for taking the time to read - or at the very least scroll through my post; it really means a lot to me. Do you think you could make a Lego account to support this build? It only takes ~10 to 50 seconds to make a Lego account and it helps a ton. 10,000 supporters is a very achievable goal but only if everyone does go and votes or makes an account to support.

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