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Green Scrap & Salvage

Introducing Blue Judy, the first ship in the Green Scrap and Salvage fleet. Just another small business trying to get off the ground. Space is full of wrecked ships and valuable elements hiding in stray asteroids. Join the crew of the Blue Judy as they try to make ends meet selling space junk and encountering all the strangeness the universe can throw at them!

The Crew

Gillian "Grimy" Green - The Boss
Gill, or Grimy, to her crew is the owner of this small scrap and salvage business. An ex race pilot trying to make a living hauling space trash after a dazzling career which ended in the tragic accident and death of her husband and navigator, Owen. :(

Petra Fire - The Driver
A young pilot trained for freight shift work and highly focused. Likes to fix up old jetbikes and stock racers, a hobby Gill struggles with. One of the best pilots in the Solar System although she'd never say it herself. 

Rusty "Forklift" Steel - The Muscle 
25 years in the scrap and salvage industry. Quiet, heart'a'gold type. Technically a cyborg. BoneProxy skeletal replacement and gen5 SureFlex (current: gen32) muscle and tendon replacement. 
An absolute machine at work. Just not an up-to-date one. Does all EVAs(extravehiclular activities) on routine scrap runs. His enhancements allow him to withstand high impacts and make him strong enough to lift a forklift. 

The Blue Judy
Old spaceport tugs like this are favourites of salvage operations all over. They have an uncanny ability to just keep going. Even when it starts to feel like they shouldn't. 
Crazy good power to weight ratio, perfect for dragging matter through the void.
Fitted with two forward MassPunchers for smashing asteroids or breaking the hull of a decaying freighter. 
The Blue Judy has had a custom paint job (tugs are hi viz orange) and a full mechanical overhaul from Gill and Petra. Ship shape and ready to find a fortune in ancient spaceshipwrecks!

I built this because I love the aesthetics of spacecraft. Also I saw The Mandalorian and I thought the Razor Crest was cool so I made a ship a little bit like it but also different. It was built using these three sets, 31096 (3in1 helicopter), 31064 (3in1 sea plane) and 75248 (resistance A-Wing). I did the Studio build months after.

Pitch the engines up for vertical takeoff/landing 
Three rear doors and plenty of cargo space
Top access cockpit
Three minifigs

This would make a great Lego set because it looks good. 
And I already wrote the characters for you.

I am excited for you to be excited about this set. If you read all this, that makes me happy. 
Thank for your support, unless you don't support it, which is also fine.

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