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Medieval Knight

A LEGO knight in shining armor, and a noble steed.

Knights are some of my favorite LEGO minifigures! 🏰
I have many good childhood memories playing with LEGO Castles and Knights :)
As an adult LEGO fan, I wish to create a knight in shining armor using LEGO bricks!

This set can be a classy display for your home/ office, and also reminds us to stay in touch with our happy childhood memories

The Knight ⚔️
  • Full body plate armor with shield and lance.
  • Armor components are carefully designed: Helmet, Pauldron, Tasset, Sabatons, and Rondels to protect elbows, knees and armpits (the Besagews).
  • Posable head, arms and legs (ball joints).
  • Plume (blue feather on helmet) is a callback to classic knight minifigures :)

The Steed 🎠
  • Metallic gold and silver armor.
  • Quarter tiles patterns for the scale armor look.
  • Blue curve parts and plates to form saddle cloths (caparison).
  • Cane parts are used to recreate the stirrup, fitting the sabatons.
  • The model is supported by a display base, the legs can be posed (stance, trot, run).

Model Dimensions
Base area: 24 x 29 cm / 9.6 x 11.5 / 36 x 30 studs.
Height: 37.6 cm / 14.8 /47 studs.
Weight: 893 g / 2 lbs.
Good for display on your LEGO shelf / office / living room.

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