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Steamtrains, BR 80 Knapsack


Hello LEGO Friends

Like to present my "smallest model" of  a BR 80 called "Knapsack"

Looking for new interest model I am found in the Web photos of a small “green steam locomotive” which according to my opinion is based on a BR 80. Of course immediately I started to build such steam locomotive using original LEGO elements.

But during this time I have nearly reached my capacity to set in all elements e.g. as motor, LED’s, Akku, gear and cables in a model in the width of six (6) pins/nep. However, but I think I have reached and fulfilled the task.

The Model is electrically driven by M-Motor via gear and is controlled with the LEGO Power Function System.

Only original LEGO element have been used, without any mechanical processing or treatments.

The dimension of the model is nearly in scale 1:40/45, the complete model is designed in the width of six (6) pins/nep.

Remark: It was a very big challenge to build such model (6 pins) wherein all components can be accommodated.

It would be great in recheiving the support from the LEGO friends.

ciao - Bernhard

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