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Air Jordan 11

The Jordan brand of Nike is one of the most successful sneaker brands in the world. It all started when Michael Jordan signed with Nike after he started his career in the NBA in 1984. The legendary Air Jordan 1 started off a series of sneakers that time.

The Air Jordan 11 was first introduced to the public by Michael Jordan wearing it in the 1995 Eastern Conference Finals and after that he was wearing it in the whole 95-96 regular season. He loved it so much that he wore it way before Nike wanted him to. This model is his favourite one from the whole product line.

It was designed by Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, who also claims this model his favourite one. Its design was way different from earlier sneakers, it had unusual materials, never-before seen lines and very recognizable shapes. These characteristics made this shoe the most iconic one from the Jordan series.

Since I personally am also a big fan of this sneaker, I always wanted to build it from Lego bricks. I finally can present my Lego version of this iconic piece. In 2025, the model will celebrate its 30th anniversary, and for this occasion, a buildable Lego version would make a great addition to any sneakerheads' collection, and a great display for anyone who ever loved the brand or the game of Michael Jordan himself.

I hope you guys like it, and if so, please hit a support. Thanks!

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