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Portal 2 Quantum Tunnelling Device. The "Portal Gun"


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“Hello again, and welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment centre”. If you're interested in this model, please continue. 

This model is based off Aperture Sciences’ Quantum Tunnelling Device, also known as the Portal Gun. This device allows personnel to place two portals that objects and test subjects can pass through. These portals can only be placed on large surfaces, which are covered in what they call Conversion Gel, which allows for these portals to open. 
The Portal Gun also has the capability of manipulating objects within its direct vision, moving the object to where the test subject pleases. 
Before continuing, a BIG thank you to all the 10,000 members who've supported, commented and shared from the last LEGO IDEAS Portal Gun, 
Since the last time this LEGO Ideas project was released, it has been redesigned to be stronger internally and externally and more aesthetically pleasing, with some key components staying the same. 
I have built a physical prototype of the Portal Gun from what LEGO I had. I have learnt a lot from the mistakes I made on the previous version, and it has been significantly improved since. 
Images of a physical version of the Portal Gun will come at a later date. 
I created this model because I am an absolute huge fan of the game series. I have played both games for countless hours. I deeply love these games, with its amazing and funny dialogues, design, OST and puzzles. 

This would be no doubt a fantastic LEGO set because of how large the Portal community is. Since its release, over 40 million players have played Portal 2 worldwide. 

Every person that loves this game would love nothing better than an awesome LEGO scale Portal Gun sitting on their desk or shelf. 
In the end, it's “For science. You monster”

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