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Portal 2 Quantum Tunnelling Device. The "Portal Gun"



Hello LEGO/ Portal Fans, this is my first Update of the Portal 2 Quantum Tunnelling Device. 

I always look back at this project and think how I can improve it, but as always when you make one change it has a knock-on effect to the other parts, so I fixed them too.
I now feel that this is THE final version of the portal gun. What has changed you may wonder; well, I’m going to tell you...Right now... in fact.

The spine has been bugging me for a while because I discovered it’s a little unstable when I built the prototype, but now I have solved this issue, and I am quite happy with how stable it has become. Internally, the main body has been totally revamped and is structurally sound. 

Since many have requested this, I have added an extra Chamber/Core so you can swap it out for your preference (comment which one is your favourite colour) 

Finally, a few external changes to the front of the device have been made and have also re-worked the side panels of the shells to be simpler in build and look.  

I hope you all like the NEW Update and next on my bucket list is making this Portal Gun physically, so stay tuned for the next Update!

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