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Thunderbirds Micro Rescue



Have a FAB time with Scott , Virgil,  Alan, and John Tracy!

This LEGO set proposal is based on the classic 1960's science fiction TV series Thunderbirds created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Set in the mid- 2060's a team called International Rescue go on exciting missions with futuristic tech and vehicles.

Growing up I loved watching the Thunderbirds with its epic and detailed vehicle designs, practical effects and exciting characters and missions. Thunderbirds has a lot of scope for missions, play, and display, and there is a lot of cool source material to base models and sets on. The color palette also matches well with LEGO, and those who grew up with the show like myself feel a sense of nostalgia.

Larger images HERE.

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For this set proposal I wanted to design a smaller set, yet still include most of the main Thunderbirds characters, and vehicles. To achieve this I created the models at a different scale to the Minifigures. I wanted the vehicles to visually work well with, and without seated Minifigures, for play, or display. Including Pod Vehicles was something I felt added a lot of value and interest for a small part count, the challenge was getting the builds small enough, but recognizable.

This set proposal includes:

Thunderbird 1      66 parts
Seats Scott Tracy. Highly swooshable. It has printing on the underside, so that when upright in launch position it looks correct and works as a display model with no Minifigure.

Thunderbird 2   138 parts
Seats Virgil Tracy. Has a detachable pod that can contain one of three pod vehicles. Pod mechanism works by slightly sliding out the rear engines that connect to a Technic Axle. ( I will update to show how this works. ) Legs can attach and the pod can fit underneath. A 2x2 Green tile, with yellow stripe printing can fill the area where the Minifigure is seated to create an accurate looking exterior with no Minifigure, for play or display.

Thunderbird 3    62 parts
Seats Alan Tracy. Mid section can swap out for either a seated Minifigure, or a section of the Rocket, to create an accurate looking exterior with no Minifigure, for play or display.

Thunderbird 5  108 parts.
Seats John Tracy. Has an attachable stand for display. Top segment can be replaced with dome version for accurate display with no Minifigure.

Pod Vehicles:
Micro Thunderbird 4, 20 parts. Micro Elevator Car, 20 parts, and Micro Mole, 8 parts.                         

Four Minifigures, Scott Tracy, Virgil Tracy, John Tracy, and Alan Tracy. Each Minifigure has a cap, and radio element.            
Total part count around 442

If you think Thunderbirds would make a FAB LEGO set click the blue support button, and share the link on social media. If it gets 10,000 supporters it could become a real LEGO set sold in stores and online!

Thank you for your support and consideration.

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