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Castle Wall & (Half) Chess Board


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This castle wall can be transformed into a (half) chess board by moving the checkered base from bottom to upwards.
The (ambitious) idea is to have one set per faction (Lion Knight, Falcons or whatever it is), so you can complete the chessboard with 2 different sets and challenge your friends for a chess battle.

Furthermore, the aim is to provide a castle wall and more 16 minifigures (including the "missing" king of Lion Knights' Castle) to increase playability and fun for those who own other castle sets like the 10305 or similar.

Why support this project:
  • 2 in 1 set: increase playability and fun in your medieval diorama or challenge a friend to a chess game
  • useful for who love castle theme and want more minifigures (16 more)
  • missing knight's Lion King in new castle 10305 included in this set

How it works:

Interior decor:
This is a small example of how interior decoration can be

Minifigures Stand:
Each square of the board measures 4x4 stud and there is no 3x3 minifigures stand I created it myself

The build has around 850 pieces and of course... 16 minifigures.
Was made with

Future/Alternative developments:
- Possibility to connect the walls directly with the new castle 10305 
- Whole chess as fortress in a single (openable version) set using hinge bricks 3830/3831 with 2 factions already included (see photos below with closed and opened solution)

Thank you all, I appreciate your support, advice or criticism!

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