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Forest Ranger Station

This is a small day station for a forest ranger. The cabin is equipped with a fireplace, desk, chair, computer and a rack for the ranger's equipment.

Mounted atop the roof is the communications aerial and satellite dish. The roof is removable and is fastened on by means of four 1x1 studs. Other details are the light beside the door, two opening windows, the Spruce tree and the wildflowers.

The ranger is pictured holding a pair of binoculars.

Ideally the hat worn by the ranger would be the same as that worn by the forest police, and the uniform would be in a light brown for the torso with sand yellow for the trousers.

Current total piece count is 290 bricks.

This second picture is from above with the roof removed and shows the interior features.

This is a small two seat utility vehicle for the ranger.

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