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3-in-1 Sports Pack: Basketball, Soccer/Football, and Hockey

Sports! This fully functioning creation can be easily turned into a basketball court, soccer field or hockey rink. 

The main build allows for attaching two goals on each side, depending on what game you want to play. There are two score counters on each side of the main build. There are two teams: white and black. 

The basketball players can shoot the ball using their special arms and spring-loaded legs. They attach to a stand that allows them to turn around 360 degrees. The ball will not get caught anywhere on the court because the players' stands slightly cave in at the center. 

The soccer/football players can kick and score the ball using their special spring-loaded stands. The goalkeepers can guard all parts of the goal and block the ball. The goalkeeper stand can move the goalkeeper up and down and side to side. 

The hockey players can move around the rink. The special stand allows the players to shoot the puck around the rink and inside the goal. The players rotate when you twist the end of the holder. This allows the players to move the puck and shoot it in the goal. The hockey players can turn around 360 degrees. 

The basketball and hockey stands open up at the top so you can put the minifigures, minifigure holders, balls, and pucks inside. 

All parts have been produced by LEGO. 


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