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Blacktron® T-1 "Scorpion" - Ultra-Compact Space Interceptor


Celebrating by tribute

Yeah, I've reached 100 supporters for my project! A big thank you to all my supporters!

To celebrate this milestone, I'm rewarding you all with a new special render. As a tribute to Jeffy-O, I used the colour scheme of his awesome Blacktron® builds. Thank you for all your extra support efforts Jeffy-O!

I also used this special update to change the minifig's torso (now using Classic Space Moon Pattern) and added airtanks.

Be aware, as opposed to the original colour scheme, this set cannot be built IRL as it uses pieces which aren't available in the specific colours.

Don't forget to have a look at the Futuron® version here.


Improved Pulse Plasma Propulsion Engine mount and new Ion Drive Propulsion Engines

I've improved the mount for the twin Pulse Plasma Propulsion Engines. As a result of this improvement, I also had to replace the single Ion Drive Propulsion Engine for a more advanced triple version so it fits between the Pulse Plasma Propulsion Engines new positions.

Old design (blue parts):

New design (grey parts):

Final design:

The model now consists of 68 (was 64) parts (excluding 11-part minifigure) and its dimensions are 4.7 (was 4.5) × 3.7 × 3.5 inch or 11.8 (was 11.5) × 9.5 × 8.8 cm (both LWH).

I've also applied these changes to the Futuron® version here.

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