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Futuron® T-1 "Scorpion" - Ultra-Compact Space Interceptor


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The Futuron® T-1 "Scorpion" is an Ultra-Compact Space Interceptor (UCSI).

Yeah! Now it has a Futuron® inspired light colour scheme! Consisting mainly of white and black, trans-dark blue for weapons/comms and trans-red for engines/thrusters. If you like, check out the Blacktron® version here.

The main body is shaped around three 3 × 2 brackets (aka Space Seats), constructed in a T-shape (hence T-1). This idea was based on a similar -but more basic- model I built as a young teenager. At the time I didn't have all the parts to complete the model. The idea resurrected 33 years later, when I used BrickLink's Studio for the first time earlier this year. At last I had access to all the bricks/parts to create and enhance the set as imagined.

It just looks awesome to me. I think the proportions are just right, its classic space style is recognisable and modern. The set is easy to build. Also, the playability is great fun with all the detachable extras, such as the double-barrel blaster, missiles and scanner tool.

The model consists of 64 parts (excluding 11-part minifigure) and its dimensions are 4.5 × 3.7 × 3.5 inch or 11.5 × 9.5 × 8.8 cm (both LWH).

Visible parts list (named sequentially):
  • Two Heavy Laser Cannons
  • Control Panel with Search and Landing Lights
  • Twin Front Vertical Pulse Thrusters (for VTOL)
  • Two Advanced Short-Range Space-to-Space Missiles (ASRSSMs) [detachable]
  • Four High-Gain Antennas (‘wings’)
  • Advanced Space Helmet with Helmet-Mounted Display
  • Double-Barrel Photon Blaster (detachable)
  • Multifunctional Space Scanner with Search Light (detachable)
  • Two Decoy Flare Dispenser Systems (next to Space Seat)
  • One Low-Gain Antenna (hinged)
  • Twin Rear Vector Pulse Thrusters (for VTOL)
  • Twin Short-Range Pulse Plasma Propulsion Engines (High-Speed)
  • Single Long-Range Ion Drive Propulsion Engine (Low-Speed)

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