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Clash Royale: The Electro Giant

Hello there! This is the Electro Giant from Clash Royale. If you have never played Clash Royale, it’s a castle themed game where you and an opponent battle using eight different cards, which fight each other and attempt to destroy your opponents tower. Whoever destroys all three of the opponents tower or whoever is winning once the timer runs out, wins.

This is a MOC of one of the newest cards in the game, the Electro Giant. The card just came out in 2020 and is probably my favorite card. He costs 8 elixirs to play and is relatively slow but is incredibly powerful as it destroys towers like a normal giant, but whenever anything attacks it inside the electro field, they are shocked and lose health. This makes any small tank such as Skarmy (skeleton army), minions minion horde, and anything with inferno rays become useless once inside the electro field.

This model has a few hundred pieces (probably about five or six). I included a skeleton that is attacking the giant, which is slightly larger than a minifigure.

The primary colors are tan, dark brown, transparent blue, transparent white, white, orange, dark gray, and brown. There is also a small bit of gold. The primary design I used was SNOT (studs not on top), which I used on the body, incorporating many curves and slopes adding much detail where I could. I connected the collar with the body using hinge pieces, and I used a ball joint to connect the arms to the main body. The head is primary built of SNOT, and I used brackets to do that, and then added much detail. The skeleton was build using some bones, and a variety of clip pieces I played around with for a bit. 

I hope you enjoy my Clash Royale MOC! 

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