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Runaway Mine Train Coaster

Are you brave enough to ride the Mine Train Coaster? Use the chain to ride up the steep hill, and look at all the beautiful surroundings. Watch out for the explosion, following the steep drop. Did you smile at the camera? Take the trip through the mine mountain, what will you find in there? If you are too scared, just get to sluicing with the other prospectors or have Golden Popcorn at the stand.
I love building Roller Coasters because you can really see people having fun, imagining the reactions to all the surprises they encounter along the ride. This set would make for an excellent LEGO set because it combines greatly with old-school Western LEGO Sets, it has a lot of play features. The 8 shaped track makes it small yet exciting, the supports make it sturdy yet low in pieces (not too expensive) and the set has a lot of height.
The set exists from modular sections:
The mountain mine
The explosion drop (a variation on the water drop of the Pirate Coaster)
The chain lift
The ticket booth/miner's cottage
The mine/shaft with crane wheel/cactus
The mine/shaft with roof/sluicing section

I also added a lot of loose decorative items to place along the queue of waiting people. There is a broken track piece, a covered wagon, a Golden Popcorn stand and a wooden gate. There is also a water tower that is falling over, spilling all its water.
The set has about 1350 pieces. Have fun!

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