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1980s Video Arcade


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     I've always wanted to add a video arcade to my Lego town.  And while there have been a few releases with "Arcade" in their title, none have come close to replicating the look and feel of the classic neighbourhood arcades of the 1970s and 1980s.  There were no games of chance or tickets to be earned and redeemed for inexpensive trinkets; there was only dim lighting and as many arcade cabinets as the proprietor could fit in the available space.

     I have attempted to replicate such an experience as accurately as possible in Lego scale.  The game floor contains 18 arcade machines featuring a variety of control configurations, with enough room for each machine to be occupied by a player simultaneously.  There is an interior staircase that leads to the manager's apartment, situated in a converted overseer's office.  There is also a more modern 2-bedroom apartment on the upper floor, accessible from street-level via private staircase.

     The roof and upper floor are removable for ease of access to the interiors, and the second floor is removable in two sections, allowing access to the staircases, as well as to the main game floor.

Ground floor:

  • Street-level access to staircase leading to third floor apartment
  • 18 arcade machines
  • High ceilings with hanging lights over most of the games area
  • Public unisex restroom
  • Interior access to staircase leading to manager’s office/apartment

Second floor:

  • Overseer’s office converted into bachelor apartment
  • Features bed, table, chair, dressers, low profile L-shaped sofa, and a small restroom
  • Second floor is removable in two separate parts, for ease of access and display

Third floor:

  • Tiled kitchen and restroom with hardwood flooring in every other room
  • Two bedrooms, each featuring a bed and dresser with a lamp
  • Central dining area with table and 2 chairs
  • Linen closet
  • Full bathroom with bath/shower
  • Kitchen featuring oven, refrigerator, sink and multiple cabinets and drawers
  • Living room with sofa, armchair, coffee table, flat screen TV and lamp


  • Billboard
  • Skylight
  • HVAC system
  • Perimeter spotlights


  • Arcade staff
  • Patrons of varying age and gender

Thank you for your support!

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