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Castaway's Sandcastle


Interior Added!

"Them who do not think about every little detail can never succeed in Lego Ideas"

Unknown brick builder, 2020


Hey again folks!

Just a little update- I have been asked quite a few times if there is an interior... To which my answer was no, yet it made me wonder if it could be included in some way- and few tweaks later, Castaways Sandcastle has an interior (or at least, small section of it)! As you can see on the pictures included in this update, I had to reorganize some bricks to accomodate the hinge, however, I believe the visual change of the exterior is so insignificant that I have decided not to reshoot initial pictures.

Also I have two more pictures highlighting some (in my opinion) cool details. 

Since I cant make update with pictures on this submission for next few days, click here to see new pictures.

I will add them to the gallery as soon as I can.

Thank you for your support


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