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Castaway's Sandcastle


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Years ago, a small trading cog capsized in a stormy sea, near shores of uncharted land. Not many survived and of them, only Jack (who might or might not be grand-grand-grandchild of famous pirate captain Redbeard) remains as the rest of survivors perished in a voyage to find civilization on this damned island. Jack eventually found an abandoned lighthouse, one that could have saved their ship, would it be lit when they sailed past… and till this day and every day, Jack gazes towards the horizon, searching for any signs of rescue…

Or, who knows, perhaps Jack is on a lookout for enemies, from his repurposed castle-pirate hideout. I built the model- the story can be yours…    

Hello LEGO fans!
This is my first submission to LEGO Ideas, the one thing I never though I will do... Yet, one day I started to fiddle with a few LEGO pieces, adding one to another until I had a hill surrounded by cliffs, then the beach appeared and eventually, some water splashed in too. But what good is a hill with nothing on it? Since I am life-long fan of the Castle line, I decided to build a small fort on top... which turned into raggedy and worn down lighthouse you can see in the final build. After posting a picture of the unfinished MOC online, I received many positive comments and that made the lighbulb of my brain (which is switched off most of the time) shine brighter than ever. Adding details, such as a treasure cove below the lighthouse (every Island has to have one!), resting place of crewmembers who did not make the voyage and debris on the beach, washed ashore by high tide. And here we are- my first submission to LEGO Ideas.

You want more details, I get it, so I will stop rambling now... lets get to info of importance.    

Part count:
Estimate would be around 2000. This is model built with real LEGO and honestly, it was more about having creative fun- which would be spoiled by counting. Even descendants of pirates hate arithmetics. Arrrgh

So far- two (If you count on skeleton being a minifigure). But possibilities are endless! Do you want to have two knights duelling over a princes on top of the lighthouse (which can be easily modified into a castle)? Done. Whole ship crew comes back from dead? Done! Family picnic by the rabble? Done, done, done!

Price and release date:
Alright, alright- this was a joke. Have I made you smile or even excited? Support this build... 

And that is it, folks! Whether you are fair maiden in distress or rough lumberjack with tears in your eyes because you always wanted to actually live in place like this Island- I thank you for checking out this submission. I will appreciate all comments, good or bad, uplifting or rude (okay, not rude- save them for you mother and you will see how she likes it). And of course, I would appreciate if you press that beautiful support button in top right corner....  

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