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LEGO Great White Shark


I am proud to present this LEGO model of a great white shark, arguably one of the most iconic creatures in the world. It is approximately 17 inches (42 cm) long, making it a 1:11 scale model to the real shark, which has an average length of 16 feet (4.9 m). It features an opening/closing mouth, adjustable pectoral fins (side fins), five points of articulation along the spine, and an easily-detachable stand for it to rest on.

If you are interested, I have made a YouTube video that takes an in-depth look at this model.


Note: Initially, this was a model based on an extinct shark, the Megalodon, but since the two species look very similar, this design could pass for the more famous great white shark as well. 

I was a massive shark fanatic as a kid, and even as an adult, I can see this model making an impressive display piece on a shelf. Thank you for your support.


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