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Flying Insects


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Insects! There everywhere! Flying, crawling, creeping, and climbing. In this project, I made a few bugs from the flying category, A Bumblebee, a Blue Dasher Dragonfly, and a Housefly. Here's some helpful information about them all.

Bumblebee: aka Bombus: The bumblebee is part of the Bombus tribe, There are over 250 species of Bombus. They are more widely found in the Northern Hemisphere. Most bumblebee colonies have just one Queen.

Blue dasher: aka Pachydiplax longipennis: The blue dasher is a dragonfly in the skimmer family, it's the only dragonfly in the genus Pachydiplax. Its only grows up to be 43 mm long.

Housefly: aka Musca domestica: The housefly is one of the few species that can be found anywhere around the world. The housefly is believed to have evolved in the Middle East.

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