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Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory


Pure Imagination 

That is what Willy Wonka embodies and wishes to create in the world. Come explore his chocolate room within his factory and the candy it holds! Walk amongst the sugar grass and the candy cane trees. Taste the pumpkin candy and the sugar tops. Feast your eyes upon the chocolate river and it’s waterfall mixing the chocolate. 

This model consists of roughly 1100 pieces and includes 8 minifigures. Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Mike Teevee, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop, Willy Wonka, and two Oompa Loompas. 

This set features many candied nature elements to recreate Wonka’s chocolate room. It’s hilly design offers many areas to play and explore. The side of the model includes a Wonka bar inlayed. Charlie can be seen with a Golden Ticket, Augustus with an appropriately sized Wonka bar, and Mr. Wonka with the famous edible yellow teacup. 

Please support and share this idea if you’d like to see it become an official set someday!


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