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Sample Scout (M Tron)

Hi All. Bics here with a nod to an old space theme. I love the old space themes, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Here we see M Tron in Sample Scout. I enjoy big sets as much as the next, but there's something to be said for simpler sets too, sets with kids in mind. As such, I've kept this under 400 pieces, but packed it with playability. There are two mini figures ready to detect crystal samples with a recon ship and excavate them with a mobile rig, equipped with both drill and claw. It can make short work of the included rocky outcropping. Load 'em up and it's back to base for testing. A wealth of older pieces lends a retro vibe.

If you'd like to see this in the round, you can help make it happen. Vote if you liked this theme as a kid or if you like it now. It's free to do. Either way, you're awesome for stopping by to check out this set.


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