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Having reached 5,000 supporters, I thought it was time to update the main photos of my Stargate project to reflect the updates I made to date.

These include giving fans the ability to choose to display whichever SG-1 crew they prefer (thanks to the use of dual-sided printed heads and a handful of extra hair pieces to keep the number of minifigs down to six):

Season 1-5: Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c;
Season 6: Older Jack, Sam, Jonas and Teal’c;
Season 7: Older Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c;
Season 8: Older Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c with hair;
Seasons 9-10: Cameron, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c

(Although I did create a Vala minifigure, I don’t think my project is big enough to accommodate a 7th minifigure)

Another major update is visual, showing how the gate can look with all 39 glyphs, printed across 28 1x2 tiles.

Here is a list of all the Easter eggs currently included in my design:

Two Jaffa staff weapons
A serpent Jaffa
A jackal Jaffa
A MALP (that rests on the ramp as if by magic)
A Naquadah generator
A tub of ice cream and a spoon
A golf club
A cap
A book of Ancient knowledge
A pineapple
A giant wrench

I still have a few more updates up my sleeve, which I’ll reveal as my project hits certain milestones on our way to 10,000.

As General Hammond of Texas would say, “we have a go”, and “godspeed”.

Walter is informing us that four chevrons are already encoded.

“Chel nok!” proclaims Master Bra'tac!

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