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'321' Hostel

‘321’ hostel is an architecturally planned modular set in a ‘modern style’ with ‘green’ features. It is based around the scale of the minifigure (assume 1:45 scale) using classic bricks colours for a ‘fun & friendly’ outlook.

As the ‘321’ name suggests, the main playability features are the ability to stack in multiple ‘fixed’ combinations. 

Different permutations will occur by adding the roof & ground landscape modules and by the placement of the signage component. 

Each different permutation will not have any extra pieces if it follows the instructions. 

Examples of combinations base on 6 standard units (image 13)

(Image 1 & 2) Ascending heights from 3 levels to 1 (‘front’ & ‘back’)
(Image 3 & 4) Arranged as 3 in a stack (‘side by side’ & ‘apart’)
(Image 5 & 6) Configured as 3 in a stack but back to back (360° walk round)
(Image 7 & 8) Double stack as 3 in a row (‘front’ & ‘back’)
(Image 9 & 10) Double stack in an ‘L shape’ plan to turn corners (360° walk round)
(Image 11 & 12) Single stack of 6 to form a tower (different placement of signage as 2 of 3 combos)

Each set is made up of 6 multi coloured standard units (image 13) with interchangeable ‘function’ slots consisting of 1 x lobby office, 3 x double bed ‘capsule style’ and 2 x bathroom units (image 14). 

It is top off with 3 x common ‘landscaped’ spaces which double as green areas with the signage component and have 6 x ‘landscaped’ kerbside plates.

It also comes with 6 minifigures consisting of the proprietor & his wife, their 2 sons and 2 guests (image 15), held together with the 3 x base frames and 1 x ‘solar' buggy cart & 1 x electric scooter parking lots.

It will make a great set to add as a modular to the Lego City sets as it allows for endless fun due to the different permutations. 

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