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Poseable AT-ST


LDD Instructions

I've finally gotten around to building the AT-ST in LDD. You can download the .lxf file from my site:





Changes + Interior With Controls

1.) Engine/body redesign: I wanted to make this part stronger as it is the ideal place to hold the model from. It should also look more movie accurate now. 2.) The hatch and the ridge on the back of the head are now one stud higher. This makes the hatch easier to operate and improves the profile of the head a bit. 3.) The 1x2 "radiator grille" plates that were on the roof just above the eyelid hinges have been removed to allow the eyelids to fold back far enough to more easily clear the face panel when it's lifted up (see previous update). 4.) Swapped out the 1x1 technic bricks on the chin to stop the wheel under the main cannons from swinging freely.

5.) Added some controls inside, and 2 studs available for whatever accessories.

I also wanted to show how easily these cannons can be shortened just by removing a few pieces. Some might prefer the shorter look.

Lastly, here's the feet with those longer gray axles swapped out for the shorter red ones. Ideally they would be black, but I'm 1 short at the moment.

Let me know in the comments if you like these changes, particularly the new engine and the interior. Thanks again for supporting!


More Details

Hey everyone, thanks for all the support and comments so far. It's awesome to see how many others want an AT-ST set like this made. This project actually started after I emailed LEGO with the suggestion that they make a better minifigure scale AT-ST - I got a response saying I should build it myself and submit it to Ideas. Challenge accepted!

Anyway, I wanted to do an update showing the inside of my AT-ST, how the driver goes in, and also demonstrate how it balances. Please watch the video if you're curious:

Some pictures here too:

Top, back and standing on one foot.

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