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Planet of the Apes - Chimps' home

"Planet of the Apes" is a great sci-fi series and also a collection of great movies.
You've probably seen the one or the other movie (Wiki page).
Using the gorilla pieces that were introduced in the Chima sets from summer 2013, we could build adventures and scenes in the ape fantasy world.
Apart from coloring, it would be nice to have painted gorilla pieces. Chimpanzee heads can be achieved with black parts with flesh-colored face patterns, Orangutan faces are orange. As you can see in the pictures below the normal gorilla pieces and for are painted in the face area with a secondary color.

So I tried to find a representative set that shows the spirit of the saga. And I think the chimps' home does the trick!

Some notes for the Chimpanzees' home: It's based on a scene from the second classic movie where Zaius visits Cornelius and Zira. I haven't included the humans yet but I have added General Ursus who waits outside for Zaius.

Get the LDD file here: pota.lxfml

This is not the first attempt to do such thing, it's the first on CUUSOO. : )
Flickr stream with movie diorama
Fan idea on a lego planet of the apes game
Vignette using Minifig series 3 gorilla
I found non-lego Planet of the Apes toys; great material for minifig paintings.

And here are some non-Lego PotA toys. (This could mean licensing issues.)

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