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Ice Cream Parlor

Welcome to the Ice Cream Parlor!
In this elevated area of the city, you will be well received. It is a different vision, especially while you watch the subway go passing by sitting in your chair enjoying an ice cream.
This modular building is a hybrid to be able to connect elevated buildings or the classic Expert line
(in this case it can be joined only by removing the tracks), this way, the characteristics of the building are extended, allowing a railway line to pass through it and leaving two lines of footbridges for pedestrians
Four levels where we discover:
The great Ice Cream Parlor, where you can enjoy many flavors and a quiet space for the minifigures
On the second level, we find the subway extractor room where there is access for repairs. Some connecting corridors with advertising on their walls are added on this floor, as well as a small room for maintenance.
Going up, we will reach the porch where vine grapes hang, and it brings us closer to a small garden with a tree and a swing where the view will already let us see two two-story buildings, where the kitchens predominate on the first floor.
On the top floor, we find the bedrooms of both buildings, some with a room to rest and read and the other for a renowned music producer.
A model that contains 5 minifigures for a total of 3000 pieces.
Thank you very much 😊.

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