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The Mysterious Island


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Welcome to the mysterious island!
This is one of my new micro-builds which is totally about an island. This build consists of 80 parts and 13 colours. This build contains:
  • 8 houses
  • 2 ships
  • A pier
  • A lighthouse
  • Tide pool
  • 3 trees
  • 2 farms
This island is built upon a 16*16 baseplate. There are 2 trade ships which often visit the island nation and a pier is located for them to be harboured.There is also a 4 piece lighthouse to guide those ships to safety.I built a tide pool on the left side of the island.The village people live in 8 delicately built houses surrounded by farmlands and trees.I hope this would make a great Lego set since the model is quite small and would make a great display piece.

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