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Wooden Cargo Train Car


This set represents a wooden cargo train car which was very common in the previous century in Europe. It perfectly fits to all LEGO train layouts from the 1970's to the present.

The wheelbase is quite short so it smoothly runs through curves and switch points. Unfortunately, the doors are not to be opened so this set is more a decorative set than a playset.

The model consists of approximately 230 parts, including
- 2 train wheel assemblies
- 2 magnetic buffers
- 1 black plate 6x16 modules
- 4 straight tracks

For the roof I suggest the curved slope 1x3 (Design: 50950, Element: 4528457) in Metallic Silver (official color name: Cool Silver Drum Laqu), however it also works well in light grey.

As you can see on one of the pictures, this car looks best when used in a long train with several cars of this type ;-)

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