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The Croquis Doll


Finally able to update project😁

Been trying to update my project for weeks with No luck, but today it was possible👍😁

Sonow I better promote the project a bit more to get it rolling...


real colors

Today I ran through the colors of all parts. This resulted in three models made with available colors. Brown-ish, gray and tan. The stand is in reddish brown or black.

My favorite combination of the available colored figures is the gray on black.


Still upgrading and adjusting

During the last couple of days the model have been upgraded and adjusted further.

The parts have been recounted and ended up un 117 pieces, still a relatively small set.

The legs have been altered to fit the proportions of the body better. This furthermore makes the legs reach all the way down to the baseplate, when mounted on the stand, which is a nice bonus.

The Stand have also gone through some changes to be made more stabile and the stick in the middle have been moved backwards to make the figure stand in the middle when mounted.


Minor adjustments

Minor adjustments around the knee hinges, to give a bit more backswing to the knee.
Switched 1x1 tiles with 1x1 half round ones.
Experimenting with removing pieces around joints to give more free movement.
Switched tow ball/socket around in the hips, giving just a little extra movement.

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