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The Croquis Doll


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The croquis doll is normally used by artists, when drawing sketches of people. They are normally made of of wood and can be animated to strike the pose the artist wishes to portray. 

Even though I since childhood have loved Lego, I find that with adulthood comes other priorities and possibilities to display Lego around the house. I love some of the new sets, like the flower bouquet and the bonsai tree, that really can be part of the home style interior and still show guests some part of how lives in the house.

When I wanted to build something for Lego ideas, I started looking around my house. I wanted to make a simple build, that would fit to my own home. I love pieces that doesn't scream Lego, but only hints that it's made of Lego. So I decided to make the croquis doll. It can fit the home interior category, but also has the function of a real croquis doll to strike a dynamic pose for an artist.

What I think would make this model a great lego set is that it would fit many homes as an interior piece, it has the function of the copied item. It's also a relatively small set (118 parts) putting it in the price range of gifts for legoheads and non-legoheads alike.

Standing 17cm tall this is a fine piece of interior that I would love to have in my home.

Have added some alternative colors based what bricks are available for now.

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