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Jeep CJ-5



Meet the Jeep CJ-5, instantly recognizable by its seven-slot grille and classic round headlights.  The CJ-5 was in production from 1955 to 1985- yet, more than 30 years later, it is still crowned as the most capable 4x4 vehicle ever conceived.  My creation stays true to the Jeep's original design, which includes:

  • Olive green body color
  • Seven-slot grille
  • Round headlights
  • Folding windshield 
  • White "steel" wheels
  • Rear mounted spare tire
  • Gray seats with detailed interior
  • Passenger side grab-bar
  • Stick shift with 2-lever transfer case

All of this detail is captured in just 615 pieces.  

I built this CJ because Lego and Jeep fans worldwide are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a Jeep-themed set and I feel that my creation best answers the call.  Please vote for my Jeep CJ-5 and share on social media, and hopefully we will reach 10,000 supporters!

Thank you!

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