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This IDEA is a 7-11 convenience store. It has a full interior including shelves for items, fridge for drinks, cooler for cold foods, a cashier stand for check-out, and the employee break room so the employees can have a rest. It also has the iconic 7-11 logo and stripes. I built the 7-11 because I have not designed a build in any digital designer before and I wanted to do something ambitious. Also 7-11 is one of my favorite convenience stores due to its well-organized store layout and vast sections of products.  

It would make a great addition to any lego city and also there are no big Lego convenience stores in Lego other than The Simpsons' Kwik-E-Mart. Also the Kwik-E-Mart only fits into the Simpsons universe. It would also be a great lego set because it has good interior details and iconic store facade.

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