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Rolling into 2024!

Dear LEGO® Ideas members,

We've traveled yet another year around the sun and before entering the new year let's take a moment to reflect a little on the year we've had together. It's been a wild ride and we're glad you've joined us so enthusiastically on that journey!

Before diving into a wrap-up of the past year, I want to offer a shoutout to KristelWhitaker for their submission Toy Blocks to our "2024 is almost here" Activity, featured as this blog post cover image.



Once again, we've launched 7 fantastic LEGO Ideas sets that showcase the diverse creativity of the LEGO Ideas community. Ranging from sets for AFOLs to casual and new builders, licensed sets to original concepts, and from small sets to the big ones; we love that there is something that (hopefully) appeals to everyone's interests and gets them excited about fan-created LEGO sets.

Here is the impressive line-up of sets we've launched this year:

^ Thomas Lajon, Fan Designer of the LEGO Ideas Orient Express Train, meets 'that train guy' Francis Bourgeois on the Orient Express carriage in Rouen, France during the reveal video shoot.



This year we also launched 1 more Gift with Purchase set:


Sets in development

We've also got a solid backlog of wonderful sets coming in the future! We've of course already recently revealed the first 2024 set - the wonderfully nostalgic Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera.

Check out the rest that are in development below (listed in no particular order):

Finally, we've got one additional Gift with Purchase set "Reading, Reading and Reading" by Fr_An in development as well.

With so many sets coming, which one are you most looking forward to?



In 2023, we hosted 14 Challenges with thousands of impressive entries that always show the broad range of creative skills the LEGO Ideas community possesses. This year you all built around exciting themes such as the 15th Anniversary of the LEGO Ideas community, LoFi Girl, Lord of the Rings, and even another Dungeons & Dragons challenge to design the front cover of the building instructions of the upcoming set!

This year our 3 most popular challenges were: 

  • An escape, a reset, in the A-Frame Cabin - 484 entries
  • Exploring the world of Middle-Earth - 467 entries
  • Customize your ride with LEGO 2K Drive - 433 entries

But let's not forget we also ran the second iteration of the LEGO Ideas Test Lab x Pick a Brick Challenge where 7 submissions were selected as small, customizable builds that can be purchased via in the future. If you haven't already seen the cool designs from last year's Pick a Brick challenge then check them out here.


^ Submissions by BricklingtonvilleBrickAbeHsinweiTheDriXx & Roch Urbaniak



This year we've run 14 Activities with the annual Build to Give "Build a Heart, Share the Love!" campaign outdoing itself with well over 600 submissions. 

As you will no doubt notice, this is significantly less than in past years and has resulted from a need to prioritize the many other things on the LEGO Ideas platform. But we have every intention of ensuring a revitalized focus on Activities in 2024. 

What kinds of Activities and themes would you like to see more of?



A big thanks to everyone who has taken part on LEGO Ideas, whether you're submitting creations, commenting, supporting, sharing, or just hanging around and soaking up inspiration from the incredible builds. We can't wait to see what you build in 2024.

With 15 years under our belt this year, what's been your favourite memory from the past? 

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

LEGO Ideas Team

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