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The Botanical Garden

Welcome To The Botanical Garden! 
Come in and immerse yourself in a place where nature is the protagonist. 
Every city needs a space where citizens can relax, take a break from the busy daily life spending time surrounded by nature in every season of the year. A place where they can also learn something new about botanical species from all over the world. You can find that place in The Botanical Garden. 
The Building 
The building is a fully glazed greenhouse with a neoclassical entrance facade that welcomes the visitors inside. 
Inside, you can see various botanical species: a banana tree, a palm and a Beaucarnea recurvata in the central area, succulents plants in the left apse, various flowers in the right apse, Anthurium, Strelitzia, Bamboo plants, Stromanthe thalia, Caladium bicolor, Begonia Maculata, Codiaeum variegatum etc. along the perimeter. 
The spiral staircase allows you to reach the balcony from which you can admire the foliage of the tallest trees up close. 
The interior is a large, fully accessible open space on two levels: the skylight roof, the windows on the first floor, the two side apses on the ground floor and the internal balcony can all be easily removed for a full playability. 
The Botanical Garden can be positioned alone, in the middle of a city park or along a road alongside other buildings. 
For the design of this building I was inspired by the various cast-iron greenhouses built between the mid-nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. 
The building 3000 pieces + 8 minifigures with accessories and 1 dog. 
W 26,3 x L 39,2 x H 28,6 cm / W 10,4 x L 15,4 X H 11.3 inches. 
Base 32x48 studs. 
Thank you 
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Thank you very much and have a nice day. 

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