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Contest Winners - Show us your LEGO® Land Rovers in Heroic Moments Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest, we've seen some truly heroic moments, and some awesome Land Rovers!

Please make sure to congratulate the winners in the comments down below, as well as some honorable mentions:

Grand Prize Winner

Christmas Defender Mission by Corvus_Auriac in collaboration with Bricky_Brick

Here's what our judges said about our winning entry:

We love the magical moonlit wintery theme under a starlit sky and the woods around a cosy log cabin. The new Defender has many options and accessories to customise it, and the snow plough, tracks and Christmas theme on this one makes for the ultimate personalisation.


Runner Up Winner #1

Humanitarian aid Land Rover style by Mandylion777

Here's what our judges said about our first runner up:

The jungle scene reminds us of LEGO Adventurers sets from 1999 and the vehicles celebrate Land Rover heritage. The rickety looking bridge has ingeniously angled supports and the leaf elements on strings create natural patterns!


Runner Up Winner #2

Icebreaker by ExeSandbox

Here's what our judges said about our second runner up:

Not just the chill of the ice, but the colours, angles and effects in this image make it super-cool! The heroic pose in the main picture is just epic as the ship is towed in the background.  It shows the well-built model Defender at its best angle

Honourable Mentions

The Defender of Animals by RuBricks Cube


You Don't Have to Leave Home to Be a Hero by pacific_bricks

Emergency by MaxAkhor

What's Next? 

I'm sorry to tell you that this is the last contest we'll be running this year. But don't worry, we'll be back next year with some truly awesome stuff!

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