Contest Entry

You Don't Have to Leave Home to Be a Hero

What does being a hero mean to you? When I first saw this contest, I immediately thought up countless daring situations that a Land Rover could get you out of. Whether that was being pulled out of some mud or saving someone dangling off a cliff, they are without a doubt special vehicles. Yet, I realized that one of the most heroic things that these cars can do is bring people together. For my entry I have a dad spending some time with his kids. Any Land Rover owner will tell you about the numerous times they've put the car up on a lift and taken a wrench to it, and I think it's incredibly heroic for this dad to include his young ones in that. Bonding with those who love and look up to you has to be one of the most heroic things I can think of, and wrechning on a car in the garage is one of the coolest ways that can happen. Land rover, bringing families together and turning owners into mechanics since 1948.