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100 supports!!!

Hi guys,

we have reached 100 supports, I'm very happyyyyy!

This is a really important step for me because I am only 16 years old and this is my first experience on Lego Ideas. I'm very proud to be here, I have to learn a lot ...

Thank you to all of you that have supported this project, I hope that one day I will reach 10000 supports; this is my dream that I try to realise with your great help!

Bye bye ^-^!!


Alive or dead

Schroedinger's cat is alive or dead?!

Hi guys, here we have a little gift for 50 supports, yeeee!

I can not believe that we have reached 50 supports, 10000 are not so far only 9000...900...50...ok is a long walk, but I am not alone! ;-)

Thank you guys!!



Hi guys, a Lego Ideas member had pointed out to me a mistake in the description and now I want to correct it. Galileo has improved telescope!

Sorry, I am human too.

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