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Extraordinary People That Have Changed Science


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Hello guys, I have created a new project to celebrate extraordinary people that have changed science and our world.

Galileo Galileo has been an italian scientist that has invented telescope and observed shining stars, in the second place we have Madame Curie and Paul Curie that have discovered Pollonium and Radium. Obviously we have Albert Einstein that has elaborated special and general relativity. Stephen Hawking left us recently but his studies and discoveries on black holes will never leave us. Newton, Isaac Newton has discovered gravity thanks to an apple (do not tell him that I have said that). 

I think that this project will win because is a celebration of great people, imagination and perseverance. All of us admire someone, I admire this great humans and I think you too. These are few but solid reasons because I am sure that this little project will leave you all speechless.


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