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Sherlock Holmes - 221B BAKER STREET



I'm very happy

A dear my friend today offered to recreate these beautiful Stickers that I will use to replace the previous ones.
We tried to merge the world of Sherlock with Lego, and you can see it with the titles of the 2 novels. 😂

I would like to thank my dear friend Luca, aka "the Gregg", for putting my same love and dedication into this project.


Minifigures + accessories

Hi guys.

I took the time to render the minifigures, seen more closely. I have also included any personal accessories.


A few small changes

Hi guys.

During these days I have reviewed some elements of the construction.

- I decided to modify the two fireplaces, adding some details, personally I find it prettier than the previous model.

- The clock, located on the ground floor had some stability problems, so I made some small changes.

- I have inserted 3 new stickers:

• A photo of Miss. Hudson
• A photo of Watson
• Moriarty Wanted poster

I hope these small changes have added value to the build.

Let me know in the comments 🕵️‍♀️😊


The Napoleon of crime

Moriarty is an evil genius and the quintessential antagonist of Sherlock Holmes, who calls him the Napoleon of crime.

“That man is the Napoleon of crime, Watson. He is the organizer of half the evil and almost everything that goes unpunished in this great city.”



5k - THANKS AT ALL 🕵️‍♀️

Thanks to everyone who supported me from the start. We are halfway there and we are not giving up.

Elementary my dear Watson 🧐



Many of you have rightly pointed out to me, that the Old Car is not very relevant to the historical period.

So, I tell you that very soon it will be replaced by this ENGLISH CARRIAGE. It has two seats and the roof can be raised or lowered, hope you like it.

The images of the project will be updated soon.



After inserting Mrs Hudson, I had the need to insert the antagonist of Sherlock Holmes
( PROFESSOR MORIARTY ) so that I could insert the main characters of the novel.

Soon you will see new images of the project that will replace the current ones, and above all you will see the English Calesse, that will replace the Old car.

Stay connected and let me know in the comments what you think. 🧐


Mrs HUDSON Minifigure

In the various comments, many of you have asked to include the Mrs Hudson Minifigure.
I couldn't fail to fulfill your request, so here's the third Minifigure joining Sherlock and Watson. Sherlock Holmes' head has also been modified, with a much more refined face.

The CALESSE will arrive shortly, which will replace the car (to be more faithful to the historical period).

Let me know in the comments what you think or if you have any other advice to continue improving the Ideas project. 😊



- I would like to thank all those who are supporting this project with a vote and sharing. In this video I want to show you the PROJECT in detail 😊

Mrs HUDSON will be included in the next Update, the car will be replaced by a STAGECOAH and Sherlock and Watson Minifigures will be perfected. Stay connected 😉

What detail would you like to include? Write it in the COMMENTS 😉

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