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Sherlock Holmes - 221B BAKER STREET


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London, 1887

At 221B Baker street, in Mrs. Hudson's house, a detective under the name of Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, John Watson, investigate to solve the crime of the city and defeat the archenemy Moriarty.
The 221B is a deco-styled flat built by more than 2200 LEGO pieces.

The floor consists of the entrance, reception with a library and a pendulum clock, and a kitchen.

Climbing up the stairs to the first floor, there is a fireplace, where Sherlock and Watson used to solve the crimes, and Watson’s bedroom.

On the second floor, there is Sherlock’s bedroom, laboratory and office, where he used to study the cases and make experiments.

In this construction, I wanted to put some Easter eggs that refer to some of the famous crimes Sherlock and Watson have solved:
The dog’s head, from The Hound of Baskervilles and the snake from The Adventure of the Speckled Band

The construction is built on a 16x32 baseplate and the various floors can be removed and swapped. Furthermore, there is an English Carriage.

In the design phase I tried to close the back of the build. The result would have negatively affected the aesthetics, as in the back I couldn’t have included the same details as the facade, ending up with an anonymous wall and a great waste of brick.

Sherlock Holmes
John Watson
Mrs. Hudson
Professor Moriarty

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