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Bricktheque Dance Club


Carnival ahead!

It's carnival time!


And at Bricktheque Dance Club, in addition to the party inside the club, there is also the party on the streets, outside the club.


And this update talks about it, from the street block, with a live show on the dead end street, from Bricktheque Dance Club.


This update contains 170 pieces
Totaling 1325 pieces the complete set, with this update.
Thank you for your attention and let's assemble the blocks and dance. See you.

This update is containing: stage, band, musical instruments, drums, microphone, bass, musicians, big screen, laser lights, stairs to the stage; contains audience, glasses and cups, stylish hair and more (with 8 news and very animated minifigures, carnival style).


The New Bar, New Garden and Others

Figure 1: The first update - new details


Hi, there. How are you? Today we are happy to the announcement of this update, so I am gald to see you here. Thanks, dude.

So... This update is about the new construction of the bar of the Bricktheque. And other modifications on this set: Bricktheque Dance Club.

Figure 2: The new bar - details


First, the bar were redone. The bar has passsed by updates, changing it form and add new itens to set. Now, had bottles, more cups and others things in the bar.

The set gained too a simple garden, with flowers, at the outside of the club, sure.


Figure 3: The new garden of  Bricktheque Dance Club.


Othermore,  the roofs of the set (the air duct), gained a new form, with stove hoods (coif). And more...

At this momment, the set has 1155 pieces, in all. At first time, it had 1106 pieces. Now has been added 49 pieces.


Figure 4: The Bricktheque Dance Club (THE OUTSIDE - with a little vision of the the garden) - Updated #1