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Bricktheque Dance Club


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 There is something divine in the music, in any type of good music. In the Dance Music (and the electronic dance music, like as techno, tribal house, dubstep, trance and electro house, etc.), more than the experience of heard the sound of music, there is too much action of the movement, or the psychomotricity, during the dance.

   In this project of LEGO Idea set, that is show a building block in a villa, with the streets, the wall and more. As well as, in this stretch have a social establishment, a discotheque, which knows like Bricktheque Dance Club. 
   Then, in this place (club), it is possible dance, drink juices and refrigerants (open bar, open food service), going socialize and so much more, because with this set has itself a fully nightclub (with the indoors and outdoors areas); and with the nearby region, included too.

   This set contains:

             1106 pieces (with 1 base plate 48X48 - color 'Transparent', many others plates and with 09 minifigures),

             The streets (with originals traced),

             The trees (LEGO and original models),

             The back alley,

             The wall of bricks,

             The opened-air part of the club,

             The inside of the nightclub,

             The main dance floor,

             The second floor (area VIP),

             The cabin of DJ,

             The bar (in the fields of the club),

             Signposts, notice boards and scenographic elements,

             The acessories, like as the DJ case, the mugs, the soda cans,

             The tower - air duct -, the roofscape, and other elements, like the stairs, the acess of Dj's cabin,

             And many others...

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