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Family Winter Cabin


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Welcome to our Family Winter Cabin! Whether you prefer kicking back in front of the fireplace or engaging in a variety of winter sports, the Family Winter Cabin has something for everyone. Don't believe me? Take a closer look yourself!

The Family Winter Cabin features:

  • Removable holiday decorations including: lights, wreathes, Christmas tree, stockings, and presents.
  • Opening back wall for easy access to the interior
  • Fully furnished interior including: table and chairs, couch, light-up fireplace, lanterns, children's beds, parents' bed, crib, night stands, and kitchen sink.
  • Ice-covered pond
  • Snow-covered trees
  • Street lamp
  • Snow accessories (snowboard, skates, bonfire, hot dogs, roasting fork, ax, snowman, snowballs, and sled)

The Family Winter Cabin comes complete with Dad, Mom, Elika, Emberly, baby Enderson, Grandma, and Uncle Adam.

The Family Winter Cabin has been play-tested by a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old... and its still standing strong!

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