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Silo Cafeteria - Hugh Howey's Wool

Whether you are getting a bite to eat or watching a cleaning, the oppressive monitors are the primary feature in the cafeteria.

In my version of the cafeteria, I wanted the monitors to be the main focal point. Get some nice stickers and this would complete the view. The tilt I gave the monitors is intended to increase the feeling of being beat into submission. The cafeteria is a place to remind you to keep in line.

Above is the Table and Chairs close-up. The neat thing about the chairs is that they do swivel, I built one with my spare parts and verified the design works.

Here is the counter base that was repeated a few times to make the long counter, complete with sneeze guard. Add a few pieces of food and a minifig in a hairnet and you are good to go.

There is a standard trash can mold, but this build deserves a more cafeteria style trash bin.

These are my other projects set in the Wooliverse of Hugh Howey

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Special thanks to the folks over at LDraw for all the tools they developed that helped me design this

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