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Iron Town and the Forest Spirit - Ghibli - Princess Mononoke


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Theme Description:
Hello! Welcome to my Mononoke set idea based on the animated film Princess Mononoke (1997) by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

The story is centered around Ashitaka which finds himself within a conflict between the gods of a Cedar Forest along with a southern tribe of boar gods vs the population of Iron Town which unintentionally started the conflict by falling trees to obtain iron.

Princess Mononoke was the highest grossing film in Japan until Titanic was released later that year and it sold well in the west on DVD and Video thus greatly increasing Ghibli's popularity and influence outside Japan.

The set contains:

  • Princess Mononoke (San/Wolf Girl) + (Mask headpiece variant pieces)
  • Prince Ashitaka + (hood/hair/archer equipment and cursed hand variant pieces)
  • Lady Eboshi
  • Gonza (henchman of Eboshi)
  • Jigo 

  • Yakul (Prince Ashitaka's loyal red elk steed)
  • Moro (God of the Wolves/Leader of the Wolf Tribe/Adoptive parent of Mononoke)
  • Lord Okkoto (Giant Boar God, leader of the Kyuusyu tribe)
  • Forest Spirit (Dear God form)
  • Forest Sprit swap-able long neck head piece (mid transformation version)
  • Forest Spirit (Night Walker Form)
  • Kodama spirits
  • ox carrying supplies

Inanimate Builds:
  • Iron Town wall and small buildings
  • Iron Town furnace building
  • Boat
  • Forest Spirit Pool with Island Environment
  • Tree environment
  • Cliff Environment

Why I built it?

It is such a strong film with great music and animation as well as great creatures and environments that all together make it my favorite anime film that I have seen of all time.

I have already previously attempted to adapt the designs of Princess Mononoke in LEGO form but I wanted to try to push that further than ever before. To make more than one location and more characters. As well as alternate versions of characters.

Why I believe it will make a great set

A finished product based on this film would be great. No matter if it was sized down to only the principle characters and their steeds or expanded further like here with either the forest, irontown or both. Or maybe even putting in a glimpse of other locations such as Ashitaka's vilage or watchtower seen at the start of the movie. Or more creatures such as from the ape tribe or characters such as Ashitaka's sister or more people from Irontown or Jigo's crew.

In it's current form it would add so many character and builds that it would make an amazing set to collect wherever you've seen the movie or not. Each section such as the trees or Irontown can stand be displayed on their own as well as being re-arranged based on your preferred layout or space requirements within your home.

I particularly love the designs of the trees from the movie which I have tried to replicate here. By doing so it brought in a new look by using different color pallets of pieces and interesting bricks in a combination together to make them. That I have not seen before. Which would further add a uniqueness about the design and included pieces of the set which will help it stand out.

The set and ip also gives a lot of flexibility to the official LEGO designer/s who would work on it. As there would be a lot of room for what to include, how to present it and also the art style to choose. Being an animated film, the printing for the characters could also follow that art style or stick closer to the LEGO one for example as shown here.

I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to tell your friends, family. Share this LEGO product idea around the internet in general and to other LEGO enthusiasts and communities. The more supports and awareness the set has. The closer it can reach its goal for a chance of it to become an official LEGO set that you can see and buy!

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